IC Projektentwicklung

working space.

“Feeling good in your workplace”

is one of our most important mottoes, because - like VIERTEL ZWEI - office real estate should always also be oases of business. Perfectly tied and right next-door to nature, with a functional interior and exterior and an attractive aesthetic. A workplace you can look forward to every day.
Viertel Zwei

Creativity instead of routine

We have taken into account the requirements of future users, tenants and potential buyers right from the planning phase, meaning that our office buildings offer the highest level of flexibility in use. We rely on high and sustainable technical standards and take on day-to-day routines with innovative, needs-oriented services, such as in the areas of energy or mobility management. This means that we establish a creative atmosphere, in which many new ideas can flourish.
Rund Vier

Facts and figures

The location: Stella-Klein-Löw Weg 11-17, A-1020 Vienna
Start of construction: February 2008
Completion: September 2009
Total area: 21,100 m²
Volume: 70 million euros
Architect: henke und schreieck Architekten, Vienna
DIVA Award 2009